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Your Website Security… It won’t happen to me …Right?


You are a small business with a basic website. You don’t even conduct eCommerce with it. So why would a hacker want to come after little ole you?

The fact of the matter is – they aren’t. Or at least they’re not coming after your site in particular. They don’t know you or have a vendetta against you, either. An attack on your website is more than likely the result of automation. Cybercriminals utilize technology – go figure – to create automated processes to scan millions of websites to efficiently and effectively find vulnerabilities to exploit.

Automation offers a number of benefits to the attackers. For instance:

  • Allows for mass exposure – reach more sites quickly, versus individually
  • Reduces the overhead of following more traditional steps – Reconnaissance, Information Gathering, Strategy, Execution
  • Provides tools to the inexperienced
  • Increases odds of success, allows for a high rate of communication between the host and the attacker, in some instances capable of taking down a server or quickly ascertaining a vulnerability before a system is able to respond

The sheer number of increased attacks as a result of automatic scanning puts ANYONE at risk of having a disruption to their website… so don’t take it personally.

Along with the frequency comes the sophistication. Automatic attacks are still managed by an individual or group of individuals, and the tools of the trade are embedded within worms and housed within malware networks known as malnets.

Your business could be the proverbial “small fish in a big pond,” but by no means do you have immunity when it comes to an attack on your website or network. Cybercriminals’ technology does not discriminate between the size and/or value of a business. EVERYTHING is fair game today; therefore, EVERYONE has to take proactive measures to maximize security and reduce the risk potential. Even with your website, preventative measures and regular maintenance has to be performed.

Let our web design team implement and maintain the proper risk reduction measures for your website. We take your business security as seriously as our own.

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At ZBx Technology, we know the importance of a sound backup plan.

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