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Spring Cleaning


Lots of people take advantage of the warmer weather this time of year and participate in a ritual commonly called spring cleaning – clearing out junk that’s accrued inside one’s house while one was hiding from the inhospitable outside. ZBx Technology is headquartered in West Michigan, so we’re still waiting for Spring, but fortunately weather isn’t often a factor when cleaning your IT setup and website.

For your IT cleanup, you’ve got physical as well as virtual areas to assess.

Physical (computer networks/phone systems, etc.)

  • Find the source
    • check wires where they first come into your physical control
    • check the setup (structurally sound, wires intact, wire looms used appropriately, etc.)
  • Follow the wires
    • check condition of wires and connections
    • look for hazards (tripping, fire, etc.)
  • Where does it all end?
    • check connections and wires where they end (at phones, computers, etc.)
    • consider cable management at every desk, and then forget to follow through

Obviously you can do as little or as much of this process as you’d like – I’m writing an article, not working for the IT police.

Virtual (intranets, websites, etc.)

  • Clean up your files
    • check where assets are saved/stored
    • assess for security, availability to team, and whatever else you can think of
    • realize there are multiple versions of everything all over the place
    • assign an intern to find duplicates and consolidate files in a systematic way
    • blame the intern a few months later when you can’t find that ONE THING you need, like, RIGHT NOW
  • Check your website from both user and admin point-of-view
    • user – content accurate/up-to-date/updated regularly
    • admin – CMS and add-ons updated, think about changing password (you probably won’t, but at least think about it)

Again, these are just suggestions or starting points, but you get the idea.

Hopefully the weather is nice where you are, and you can knock off early and enjoy some time outdoors once you’ve done some cleaning. Resist the urge to look directly at the sun.

If you want some help cleaning up your IT system and/or website, let ZBx Technology know and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can simplify things for you.