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Get Responsible, Get Responsive


Is your website responsive?

“Well, sure,” you say, “I go online, type in my URL, and the website responds by showing up. When I click on stuff, the site responds by taking me to the things linked to.”

While this may be true, and how things are supposed to work, it’s not really what we’re discussing here. What we are talking about is the ability of a website to respond appropriately depending on who or what is viewing it. A responsive design allows your website to look good on whatever device is used to view it. This is increasingly important as more and more people use their phones to go online and browse the web, sometimes even when they aren’t driving.

How can you tell if your (or any) website is responsive? The obvious answer is to visit the website on your computer, your phone, and your tablet to see if/how the page layout and navigation change. Or you could save some time and just make your browser window smaller – slightly smaller, and you’ll see the tablet view, smaller still, and you’ll see what it looks like on a phone. Make your browser window even smaller than that, and you probably won’t be able to see anything, because smart watches haven’t quite reached the point where we need to worry about how things look to those early-adopting technophiles. In a year or so, you’ll probably be reading our article on optimizing your site for “smart” items and the “internet of things” or Google implants or something, but until them we’ll keep our worries to a minimum.

Having a website is good. Having a website that is responsive is better. At ZBx Technology, every website we build is designed to be responsive and look good on any device. If you need your website to be more responsive, please let us know – we can implement a responsive design easily, and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your online presence.