ZBx simplifies website maintenance

analytics • uptime • backups • security • updates

It is a FACT – the internet today is a dynamic environment and always in a state of change. Modern websites need ongoing updates, constant monitoring, and regular maintenance for the best performance, search results, and security.

If you’d rather focus on running your business than running your website, ZBx Technology provides website monitoring and maintenance services that include:

Uptime Monitoring

We check your website every 15 minutes to make sure it is up and running. We are immediately notified of all downtime so we can address it ASAP.

WordPress Core/Plugin/Theme Updates

We update your WordPress framework, your plugins, and your theme to keep your website up-to-date and more secure.

File and Database Cleanup

We remove unnecessary files (post revisions, spam comments, trash files, etc.) and clean up your database to keep things optimized. We also check for broken links and new posts/pages (and who posts them).

Security Scanning

ZBx scans your website for security risks like unauthorized logins, malware, and viruses that could compromise your website or put it on a “blacklist” and hurt traffic.

Website Backups

We backup your website so it can be restored with minimal downtime should a catastrophe occur.

Google Analytics

We monitor your website to give you a snapshot of your visitor traffic using Google Analytics. Get info on visitors, page views, bounce rates, and more!

Why your website needs ongoing website monitoring and maintenance

  • The Internet is a dynamic, ever-changing environment, and your website WILL fall behind if not constantly monitored and updated.
  • The further behind your website gets, the more expensive it will be to bring it in line with modern standards and practices.
  • Investing in a monitoring and maintenance service means spending a little bit now to avoid spending a large amount later on.
  • Minimizing website difficulties has a positive effect on search engine rankings, visitor traffic, user experience, and conversions.

ZBx Technology is excited to offer a WordPress website monitoring and maintenance service allowing you to focus on your business and allowing us to focus on providing regular monitoring and updating to optimize the performance and security.