ZBx Technology simplifies information technology

We simplify it to I.T.

Information Technology (IT) surrounds us. At work and at home, we rely on technology more and more, so it’s important that your IT setup works for you and your unique situation. ZBx Technology can help you from pre- to post-project with a variety of services designed to simplify IT.

IT Consulting
Putting together an IT system that can handle your specific needs without spending too much is a daunting task. At ZBx Technology, we can advise you before, during, and after your project – making it less daunting. The earlier you get ZBx involved, the sooner we can start simplifying.

System Design
Every situation is different, and if you’re not an expert at IT, thinking about designing a system for business is a wonderful shortcut to a headache. ZBx Technologies can take a look at your space and requirements, and can design an IT system that will help you work more efficiently.

VoIP Phone Systems
Save money on your phone bill while integrating your phones with the rest of your technology. ZBx Technology partners with companies like 3CX and Grandstream to provide the best in VoIP software and hardware.

Ongoing Maintenance
Time passes. Things happen. Sometimes when time passes things happen to your IT setup that can make your day difficult. We can step in and fix problems or give you some training to enable your own inner techie.

VPN Setup
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and Virtual Private Networks stand for better security for your data. Getting ZBx to set up your VPN gives you the ability to use your network from outside the office – securely.

Security Audits
Hopefully your network, data and files are all safe and secure. But how can you know for sure? Call ZBx Technology for a security audit. We’ve got a variety of tools and techniques to safely test the integrity of your IT systems. We can make recommendations on how to increase your security, too.

How can ZBx Technology simplify technology for you?