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Computers can be super-helpful. They can also be super-frustrating. When you’ve had enough of viruses and malware slowing down your machine, or your hard drive decides not to cooperate anymore, bring your computer to us.

Virus Removal
Viruses can slow down your computer and compromise your security. ZBx Technology has tools to “disinfect” your machine and files and get your computer running to its full potential.

Computer Cleanup
Static electricity, fans and other factors can contribute to making your computer a real mess. If you’re scared to look inside your computer tower or laptop, let ZBx take a peek. While we’re there, we can get some of the dust and debris that can make your computer run slower and/or hotter.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of viruses and malware is to make sure your software and OS are updated to the latest versions regularly. If you’ve got a program or application that isn’t working the way it should, let ZBx Technology check and/or update your software.

Software Install
Worried you might mess up settings or break something else if you install an application on your computer or device? Bring it in to ZBx Technology and we can get the software installed and configured the right way.

OS Re-Install
There are times in life when it makes sense to just start over. When that time comes for your computer, ZBx Technology can re-install your operating system, giving you a “clean slate” and your computer a new start. Chances are good we can even keep your files intact so you’ll gain a clutter-free install and lose zero data.

Hardware Installation
Occasionally things can go very wrong, and you might see the puff of magic blue smoke escape your computer – meaning something in the hardware was messed up, but is now merely broken. Or, maybe you just need another hard drive or more RAM added. ZBx Technology can handle catastrophic hardware failures as well as add on new hardware.

Hardware Upgrades
Nothing’s broken, but you’re looking to make things running harder/better/faster/stronger. You want a bigger hard drive? Maybe a more powerful video card? Whatever you need, ZBx Technology has the tools and talent to make it happen.

If you know what’s wrong with your computer, that’s one thing. But there are times when there’s a problem and the cause isn’t obvious. ZBx Technology can analyze and likely fix any problem your computer or device might be having.

Data Recovery
Save early and often. While this is good advice, it can’t always save you from losing your data. ZBx Technology has a number of options when it comes to recovering it. If your hard drive is kaput, or you dropped/broke your laptop, give us a chance to get your files back to you before you trash anything.

Computer Repair Pricing
Please call or stop by for a full estimate
The prices shown here are pretty typical, but it’s a good idea to check with us to make sure your problem has a typical solution. If the fix is NOT typical, we’ll be sure to let you know as well as explain your options. Don’t worry – we’ll never charge you for something you didn’t agree to.

Computer Cleanup – Remove viruses and malware, etc. – $50
Data Recovery – Extract data from a bad hard drive – $60
Reinstall Windows® – * plus data recovery fee if required – $60*

Something wrong with your computer? ZBx Technology can figure it out and fix it.

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