Technician, Level I

Helpdesk Technician (Level 1) Application

Solutions-focused, customer-facing / phoning / emailing.

ZBx Technology has a Helpdesk Technician (Level 1) position available in our technical support division. This is a pretty nice job for someone who knows a lot of stuff about computers, but can still talk to people when called upon to do so. If you’re that friendly person that everyone asks for help with “computer stuff” this is your opportunity to do that stuff and get paid to do it. Not too shabby.

Naturally, there are a few things we’ll expect of someone who is a good fit for this position, like knowledge of (and ideally experience with):

  • Microsoft operating systems and servers
  • Networking/Routing protocols
  • Microsoft Office (Cloud and on-premise)

As you stomp out lots of fires (metaphorically), you’ll need to track your work using our ticketing system by documenting issues and fixes, etc. If you are unable to use this ticketing system, we would be surprised, because it’s pretty easy – heck, our web design guy can even use it now and then. We just thought you’d like to know, in case that happens to be a personal pet peeve that would keep you from applying.

You’ll often talk to customers face-to-face, but you will also have to communicate with customers via phone or email, so ideally you are familiar with the etiquette relevant to┬áthose channels.

In short, you’ll be doing all sorts of tech-y things for all sorts of people while staying your usual relatively happy self.

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