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If you’d like to be a part of a team that enjoys getting things done and having some fun while doing so, we might have a place for you. Join the team at ZBx Technology and be part of something… different. In a good way. We’re a technology company that provides a lot of IT services to a variety of customers. By “a lot of IT services,” we mean “computer repair, VOIP phone systems, IT consulting, website hosting and design, and so on”. By “a variety of customers,” we mean “regular folks who walk in, some national organizations and associations, and some small-medium-sized businesses”. We take pride in keeping our customers happy, in the short- and long-term.

Helpdesk / Support Technician

Solutions-focused, customer-facing / phoning / emailing.

ZBx Technology has a Helpdesk / Support Technician position available in our technical support division. This is a pretty nice job for someone who knows a lot of stuff about computers, but can still talk to people when called upon to do so. If you’re that friendly person that everyone asks for help with “computer stuff” this is your opportunity to do that stuff and get paid to do it. Not too shabby.

Naturally, there are a few things we’ll expect of someone who is a good fit for this position:

  • Excellent communication skills for interacting with customers over the telephone, email and in person.
  • Attention to detail when documenting work in service ticketing system.
  • Experience in providing desktop workstation support in the business environment.
  • Proficiency with remote troubleshooting.
  • Basic network knowledge.
  • Knowledge of functionality and skill for PC repair.
  • Certifications – Preferred but not required
    • A+
    • Network +

As you stomp out fires (metaphorically speaking), you’ll need to track your work using our ticketing system by documenting issues and fixes, etc. If you are unable to use this ticketing system, we would be surprised, because it’s pretty easy – heck, our web design guy can even use it now and then. We just thought you’d like to know, in case that happens to be a personal pet peeve that would keep you from applying.

You’ll often talk to customers face-to-face, but you will also have to communicate with customers via phone or email, so ideally you are familiar with the etiquette relevant to those channels.

In short, you’ll be doing all sorts of tech-y things for all sorts of people while staying your usual relatively happy self.


Helpdesk Technician Application

Use this form to apply for the Helpdesk Technician position.

Contribute to the big growth of our small company.

Here’s the thing: it turns out people really like that “being honest and doing your job well” thing that we do at ZBx. Now we’re growing like crazy, and we need someone to keep things rolling on the sales side because we don’t believe our developers when they say they “have enough to do already” and we need to keep them focused.

If you’re a people person willing to go the extra mile to get clients and keep clients, we’re a company willing to share the extra rewards with you. Are you that salesperson? You’ve got a pretty good chance if you: are honest, are not a jerk, are relatively unflappable, and can tolerate the occasional invasion of your personal space by a nerf dart.

Job responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Cold calling on potential customers for IT and website services
  • Community networking for opportunity development
  • Account management/relations of existing customers
  • Facilitate meetings with technical team and potential customers
  • Relationship building within the area business community
  • CRM reporting and tracking of opportunities and new business
  • Support to the technical staff as needed – answering phones, entering and updating service tickets.

If you think this may be a good fit and are interested in this position, then we are interested in talking with you.


Salesperson Application

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Website Production Intern

Love WordPress, but not “in love” with WordPress?

People (and their businesses, organizations, etc.) are increasingly asking us for help with their websites. We’re looking for someone who can help us finish websites in a very timely manner. We need a person who can take a WordPress website in the early stages of development and make it into a finished, ready-to-launch website. Relatively easy stuff for a WordPress expert, but of course every project is a little different, so the amount of expertise needed on any given project may vary. We’re happy to talk to your professors and get you some credits for hanging out with us, too.

Sounds easy, right? If you’re still interested, we’re looking for people who:

  • are honest and reliable
  • like to work, but can balance it with fun
  • are able to follow spec’s
  • don’t actually wear spec’s (just kidding – we welcome those with or without glasses)
  • enjoy working in an open, collaborative space
  • are not allergic to nerf

Do YOU have what it takes to join ZBx?


Web Production Intern Application

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